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The most beautiful hairstyles when you have short hair

Want to change your look? Why not let yourself be tempted by the short cut ! Boyish , short bob or pixie cut, the short is an ultra trendy haircut, not to mention the practical side of this hair style. To get additional details, view here: Types of Bobs

But who says short hairstyle does not mean hairstyle without any style. On the contrary! There is no shortage of hairstyle ideas for short haircuts. Your hair can be more or less short and we can play on the gradient of the locks to give movement to the hairstyle for example .... For a modern look that looks like you, you can also bet on the bangs : tapered, long or short, it has been popular in recent seasons .

Which short haircut for which face?

Another advantage of short haircuts: every woman can navigate it because it is a style that goes to almost all face shapes and that can adapt to many types of hair (frizzy, fine, normal, etc.).

Provided you choose the model that best fits your body shape ... Do you have a round face? Adopt a short hairstyle with curls, bangs or a wide lock on the front. But avoid the straight square or the ball cut (especially if you have a small neck), just like the line in the middle.

For a woman who has a face in the shape of a triangle at the bottom, the trick for a top hairstyle is to leave volume on the top of the head and not to cut the hair too short.

A square with a little length will be ideal for this type of morphology. Women with a rectangular face will also prefer a short cut with volume on top. As for those who have an oval face, you are little lucky because all the models of cuts fit you: square, pixie cut, ball cut, bowl cut ...

To give you some ideas and guide you in your choice, aufeminin has compiled the most beautiful short haircuts for women . All you have to do is find the new hairstyle that will enhance your face and hair.

And to be sure you always have a top look, we also give you our tips for taking care of your short hair every day.

How to take care of short hair? Our advices

Because yes, do not think that short haircut rhymes with carelessness! Even if this style is practical, it also deserves some attention and a little maintenance, even if the ritual is less restrictive than the maintenance of long or medium-length hair.

Some homemade mask recipes to pamper short hair

In terms of care, making a hair mask once a week is recommended in order to nourish hair weakened by the use of styling products or even if you have made a color. If you like homemade cosmetics, we recommend this mask that will make your hair super soft: prepare your paste by mixing and emulsifying three eggs with three tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of vinegar.

Then apply by hand to your hair before covering with cling film and leave on for fifteen minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water, rubbing lightly before shampooing.